Nursing/Domiciliary care

It is our aim to provide ‘peace of mind’ and professional nursing care for expat residents in the Algarve. This ‘peace of mind’ comes from knowing that there is a service able to meet the needs of expats with health care issues, both long-term or for short periods of immediate need.
This is the first time that many in the Algarve can now feel reassured that there is a friendly, English-speaking nursing service. In the past many people have returned to their country of birth to convalesce or heal. Now help is available for the unwell or frail, and their family and friends and it need not be difficult to find the support you need.

Domiciliary care

Domiciliary careDomiciliary Care can be provided to support you in your own home. Support ranges from bathing and dressing to help with taking prescribed medication. Care is often needed at times of ill health or for a short period following a hospital discharge. It has become increasingly common for retired people living in the Algarve to require some help getting up in the morning or getting ready for bed; this can be due to deteriorating health or reduced mobility, and help can be put in place as an ongoing care package to provide not only much needed help but also the piece of mind our clients need to go on and live an independent life.

Care can always be tailored to meet your needs and/or budget. Our HCAs have experience and ongoing training to aid them in the delivery of care. As part of a nurse-led team, our HCAs have constant support and guidance from qualified nurses who are always available to offer help or give instruction should medical or clinical issue arises.

Respite Care

Algarve Health and Social Care is able to provide a number of models of respite care. The level of care can vary to meet the needs of the individual client. Respite care can deliver a new dynamic to the client’s life. Importantly, respite care can support families from the risk of ‘burn out’ and can accommodate a well-needed rest.

Day respite

From time to time family members can require time that takes them away from their role as primary carer. Respite care for the day can be a simple and safe solution at these times. Care can be delivered by the hour from a qualified nurse or a professional carer in the client’s home or supporting the client in going out for the day.

24-hour respite care

Algarve Health and Social Care can support clients and families with respite packages that require one or more overnight support. This can be delivered in the client’s own home. We will soon have our own, respite unit, situated in private grounds set in the countryside between Olhao and Tavira.

Regular respite

Respite care can be vital to many families who are presented with an emergency to attend to. However, it is not uncommon for carers to need to take a break from constant care giving. We have unique experience of providing regular respite care when working in the UK and have found that this type of respite provision can facilitate a safer and relaxed home life for the client and family alike.
Please note that Respite Care can also be offered with a Nursing/medical component added.

Social Care is also available as an additional or an alternative option.

Community nursing

Community nursingThe Community Nursing service is overseen by a UK registered ex-Senior Nurse Manager, with over 35 years of experience working within the NHS. The service clinical lead is also UK trained with over 27 years of experience in the NHS. The lead nurse has a background in Community/District Nursing as well as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

This experience and expertise coupled with the special, local knowledge and skill brought to the team by our Portuguese colleagues provides a unique and comprehensive spectrum of nursing skills that enable us to deliver nursing support in the local community.

The Community Nursing arm of the service provides nursing care in the community. Care is delivered by English speaking nurses and/or Health Care Assistants. A full range of care can be provided from high medical needs to basic care and domiciliary support.

The Community Nursing  team is made up of a number of nurses from varying European countries. All have up-to-date nurse registration. There are a number of team members who are well versed in the Portuguese Health service, helping patients better manage their own health and well-being and/or recovery from illness or medical procedure.

Care can always be tailored to meet your needs and/or budget.


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