Professional partners

Our professional partners include a meal service provider based in Tavira, who can provide home-made meals for delivery or collection on an individual basis, and a Telecare company who can provide assistive technologies designed to help a vulnerable person call for assistance either manually or automatically.


Meal Service

Our meal service partner is based in the Tavira area and is invaluable to those that would benefit from having home-cooked food prepared for them.

They can provide a collection service or deliver meals on a daily or weekly basis.

The meals are home cooked and can be delivered to your home or picked up from Tavira, either frozen or ready to re-heat.

They can provide various dishes including meat pies, casseroles, shepherds pie, meat or vegetable lasagna, pasta dishes and fish pie. Weekly and full meal menus can be provided.

Samples meals and prices are detailed below. They are always open to suggestions; if you don’t see something you like, just ask.

Meal prices range from:

  • A full meal including potatoes and veg €4.50
  • Various soups €1.50
  • Casseroles, cottage pie, fish pie or Curries (rice €1) €6
  • Family size quiche  €8-€10
    Desserts are available and can be added to any meal. Desserts are individually priced

Regular weekly orders will be delivered free of charge
One-off orders may have a delivery charge
Orders in the Tavira area are delivered free of charge

For more information call Mark on 967890058; email:


Telecare and mobile SOS device

Telecare and assistive technologies refer to a range of devices that have been designed to enable a vulnerable person to call for assistance manually or automatically. They will allow people to continue living in their own home, while minimising risks associated with real time emergencies. Moreover, they can help with daily tasks or activities such as remembering to take medication.

One of the devices that can be extremely useful for expats is a waterproof mobile SOS device. This mobile device will enable vulnerable people to call for assistance outdoors and indoor. Moreover, their loved ones can locate them via their mobile phone as and when necessary which will give them peace of mind. To get more information about this mobile device click here. The link will get you to Care Harmony Solutions, a British Trading standards approved provider with years of experience in supporting people with health and social care needs.


Join our team

Everyone in our team works as a self-employed practitioner, although HCAs will receive support from qualified nurses.

Workloads are solely based on referral volume to the team and as a result are varied in care required and hours requested.

If you feel you have a skill set that would add to our team’s ability to deliver care to people in our local community, please contact us