Perhaps a less known service offered is that of an English speaking heath professional that will help and guide you through Hospital appointments. Although I have a basic level of Portuguese, the reassurance of having someone with me for a recent appointment at Faro hospital was immense. Not only could they translate when needed but they were also there to meet me, show me where to go and basically hold my hand through the whole registration process of my appointment. This affordable service was not only a great help but gave me complete peace of mind during a very stressful time. Can’t rate this highly enough. Thank you


Algarve Health and Social Care has been a God Send!

Our 14-year old daughter has Down’s and is also autistic, with severe learning difficulties. In other words, she can be a real handful!

She loves the beach and the sea, so we come to Portugal to give her what she enjoys, but it’s not always a holiday for us.

When we met with Jo and Peter to discuss possible respite for a few hours a day, we knew immediately that we would be placing Beth in safe hands. They asked the right questions, and also demanded (in the nicest possible way!) a more in-depth analysis to ensure that they would be providing the best service possible.

Since utilising the services of Algarve Health and Social Care we have found that each member of their team has more than enough experience to deal with someone like our daughter. In addition, they are all lovely –  and something else that really helps? They are great with time-keeping!

Mia, Janet, Helen and Anita all have our trust and appreciation, and make our holidays in Portugal that much easier.

Thank you Algarve Health and Social Care.

Note: this testimonial is posted with the very kind consent of Beth and her family.

Peter Diprose ENLD RNLD retired


Sue has been my companion and part-time carer for the past month. She is very pleasant, willing and helpful and I can confidently recommend her


Great service. Very professional and caring


If I needed care for someone in my life, I would call on these two; they are outstanding.

I met Jo Diprose at Greenwich University, some 11 years ago, although we only lived 2 minutes away from each other. We quickly paired up, became good friends and shared a car together to get to university! We did this for 3 years, we helped each other throughout, with home work and moral support and both graduated 3 years later.

Peter, Jo’s husband, was such a help to Jo and myself and looking back, I don’t think I would of got through my nurse training without these two. As a newcomer to nursing, I was at times like a rabbit in car headlights! The stuff I was faced with terrified me! Jo was a natural, she just got it!  She had a natural ability to go into any situation and just deal with it. Her background was looking after people with severe mental and physical learning disabilities.

I always looked at Jo, who if you haven’t seen her, is stunningly beautiful, and thinking, “why is she doing this? she should be a model!  But, no, she was a health-care worker with an absolute passion for making peoples lives better!  And that’s what both her, and Peter did and do now. They both have  a depth of compassion for vulnerable people that I have never seen before. An understanding, a duty of care and an absolute passion for the profession they represent, nursing!

I can honestly say that these two individuals are the best nurse/healthcare workers , you will ever find in your life and I say that with absolute and total conviction. I learnt from 2 of the best nurses ever and am privileged to have been helped along the way by these two people.

If I needed care for someone in my life, I would call on these two, they are outstanding


They took the worry away and offered all the practical help to enable me to cope with a daunting situation.

My husband was coming out of hospital and was unable to walk or carry his weight to get out of bed without strong support. I was untrained and had no idea of how to get him to the bathroom or even change his bed with him still in it. He also had medical issues that needed a proper nurse. Apart from very expensive care homes as an expat, I couldn’t find any other business who would offer the preferred care in my home.

I knew of Peter and his wife Jo who were experienced nurses through friends and I approached them for advice before my husband’s health deteriorated.  I was then prepared for when I really needed help.  They took the worry away and offered all the practical help to enable me to cope with a daunting situation.

They taught me how to move him enough to change the bed, and cope with the personal everyday care needed when they left for the day.

Peter was particularly good at keeping the patient’s spirits up and encouraging him to exercise as much as possible. His medical needs were beyond me so I had no longer to worry about not doing the right thing as they were always available for advice and solved many problems along the way.

They were always professional in their approach and delivered a friendly service with not only the patent in mind but took a lot of time considering the person left to care in the home, always insuring I was fit enough to be a competent carer.

Although I lost my husband after a long illness, the team supported us both and allowed his last few months to be as comfortable as possible.

The rapidly expanding care team made a great difference at a potentially devastating time in our lives. I am particularly glad to find that the business has now incorporated many English speaking nurses as well as Portuguese, and also trained support staff who can cope with personal care and general home-based help filling a large gap in the availability of affordable care  in  the Eastern Algarve.

I would recommend this team to anyone in need of care no matter how serious the situation, long or short term.


“I cannot speak highly enough of Peter and Joe and the nursing team they have put together to care for our mother.

When it became clear to us that our mum was going to need 24/7 high-level critical care, we needed to find a team capable of delivering such care in her home.

Peter and Jo put together a highly professional team of nurses and they manage all of the medical and personal needs of our mother on a round-the-clock basis.

Our mum was living on her own in Portugal, with all of us, her grown children, living overseas – it was incredibly stressful to think about how we would find a caring and clinically excellent team to look after her.

Peter and Jo have given us total peace of mind with regard to the care of our mother – they are a highly professional and caring couple who give us full confidence in our mother’s health and well-being.

I would always recommend Peter and Jo and their wider team – we would be lost without them.”

Liam McClennon

My wife and I would like to thank you both for your prompt attention to our call for help. I cannot recommend your nursing practice strongly enough as it was apparent very quickly that we were in safe hands. You and your team have provided a safety blanket around health issues, which is so important when living or visiting abroad.

Ross & Gail Buchanan Portugal

Nicole was recommended to us by the healthcare team that was providing 24/7 nursing care for my mother.

My mother is completely bed bound with ALS and, although her physical well-being was being looked, after my mother’s mental health was deteriorating.

Nicole spent several home visit sessions with my mother and helped her to considerably improve her general outlook on her situation .

We appreciate Nicole’s input greatly and would highly recommend her – she has a thoroughly professional and compassionate manner.


When I was at a very low point in my life, Nicole, with her soft and gentle approach, enabled me to see there was a way forward.

She has many different methods and techniques which she uses depending which suits you and your problems/needs the best.

Highly recommendable.