If I needed care for someone in my life, I would call on these two; they are outstanding.

I met Jo Diprose at Greenwich University, some 11 years ago, although we only lived 2 minutes away from each other. We quickly paired up, became good friends and shared a car together to get to university! We did this for 3 years, we helped each other throughout, with home work and moral support and both graduated 3 years later.

Peter, Jo’s husband, was such a help to Jo and myself and looking back, I don’t think I would of got through my nurse training without these two. As a newcomer to nursing, I was at times like a rabbit in car headlights! The stuff I was faced with terrified me! Jo was a natural, she just got it!  She had a natural ability to go into any situation and just deal with it. Her background was looking after people with severe mental and physical learning disabilities.

I always looked at Jo, who if you haven’t seen her, is stunningly beautiful, and thinking, “why is she doing this? she should be a model!  But, no, she was a health-care worker with an absolute passion for making peoples lives better!  And that’s what both her, and Peter did and do now. They both have  a depth of compassion for vulnerable people that I have never seen before. An understanding, a duty of care and an absolute passion for the profession they represent, nursing!

I can honestly say that these two individuals are the best nurse/healthcare workers , you will ever find in your life and I say that with absolute and total conviction. I learnt from 2 of the best nurses ever and am privileged to have been helped along the way by these two people.

If I needed care for someone in my life, I would call on these two, they are outstanding